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Your Ego doesn’t want you to Discover Conscious Dance… your Spirit does!!!

Have you ever FULLY expressed yourself on the dance floor?  … without drugs or alcohol?

Do you have any idea how that feels?

In a moment, I’ll talk about how Conscious Dance EMPOWERS you to express yourself to the fullest!

But first let’s talk about what Conscious Dance is…

The word Conscious means to be fully aware of or sensitive to something… To be Awake. In Conscious Dance the awareness and sensitivity lies within the  movement journey of your mind, body and soul and spills over into the rest of your life as it aligns you with your spirit and awakens your passion and purpose.

Conscious Dance is usually freestyle, free-form type of movement with or without guidance. “Dance Journey” is a common term used among Conscious Dance classes. Rather than learning specific movements or choreographed sequences, you go on a “dance journey” exploring thru your OWN spontaneous movement.

Have you ever been in a funk … turned on some music to Release and Let Go thru DANCING … got out of your head and into your body and discovered you were in a much better space after DANCING?  You were on your own Conscious Dance journey. You transformed your state of being by moving the energy through your body, thru dancing – and came out feeling better on the other side!


It becomes even more POWERFUL when you’re doing it CONSCIOUSLY and setting INTENTIONS for your dance.  Which brings up my next point, INTENTION is a common thread among Conscious Dance classes and events …

When you attend a conscious dance class or event, the facilitator will usually set a  group intention and/or guide you to setting your own intention.

Conscious Dance is movement with intention.

When you put dance movement behind INTENTION you literally infuse your INTENTION with MOMENTUM!!!

Conscious Dance Classes/Events are like dance therapy in the fact that they are designed for healing, transformation and/or mood elevation. Every Conscious Dance class is different, but many of them are designed to help you:

    • process personal emotions and issues
    • liberate your mind and body
    • raise your vibration
    • Get you into a zone or movement meditation
    • express yourself to the fullest
    • connect with your spiritual essence
    • ignite your creativity
    • Change your state of being

For the a more in depth look at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of Conscious Dance, check out our article:

How Conscious Dance Benefits Every Aspect of Your Being.

Opening yourself up for healing and transformation requires a level of trust. This is why another common thread in the Conscious Dance scene is to create a safe, non-judgmental space for people of all sizes, shapes and backgrounds to freely express themselves. When communities are built on love and acceptance, with zero tolerance for judgement and competition, this can be achieved nicely.  This subject is near and dear to me, because as a child I went into New York to take dance classes and was shunned by girls in clicks.  As a result, when I began teaching, my focus was to create a loving comfortable atmosphere for my students to feel comfortable to express themselves to the fullest.      

The “dance journey” is also referred to as Movement Meditation.

It’s a form of meditation because it gets you out of your head and into your body and into alignment with your Spiritual Essence.  If you’re new to expressing yourself in this way – have patience with yourself. The more comfortable you become, the easier it is to let go of human control and allow your spirit to carry you through the dance.

Riding on the wings of spirit is a divine experience in of itself ~

and when that happens you will cherish every moment!

MUSIC is a significant part of the dance journey since it can influence the quality and depth of your movement. It ignites passion! It evokes different ways of moving and feeling, which can take your dance in all different directions.

A really great DJ can take the dancers on a ride through music choices and the way the music is mixed. Some Conscious Dance classes have live DJs who professionally mix the music, creating a smooth journey. This is definitely what I prefer and what we do for our Groove Temple Live Conscious Dance experiences. It’s much easier to stay in your movement meditation when the transitions through the music are seamless.

Here’s what a Conscious Dance journey can sound like with live DJs. 


Speaking of professional DJs, why are nightclub events not usually considered Conscious Dance events?

Conscious Dance events are alcohol and drug-free. Hence the word “conscious.” This type of dancing is all about being very present and aware.

My dear friend Robin Parrish, with Ecstatic Dance, explains it so eloquently, Dancing clear-headed heightens our senses and connection to our body, mind and the present moment. When drugs and alcohol are in the picture we give away our power to these substances, and although we may ‘feel’ liberated, to a certain degree this feeling is synthetic and often one that limits our capacity to generate a deeper level of peace and connection to ourselves and the world around us. At conscious events there is an undertone of stepping into our power, bringing good into the world, and seeking to be and experience more of ourselves. At conscious events you can feel it in the air that we are all supporting one another in this endeavor of finding greater levels of peace, health, happiness and success. Without substances that distort the experience, the collective feeling at these events is one of organic joy, inspiration and wisdom.”

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Conscious Dancing helps us align with our spiritual essence, which is a powerful place to be.  This is scary for our ego… our ego likes to be in control and compete. There is no competition on the Conscious Dance Floor, it is pure enjoyment and healing for the mind, body and soul.

Conscious Dancing is an expression of the spirit that brings out your highest expression of yourself!!!   



Happy Dancing!  Namaste!


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