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Unleash Your Most Powerful Authentic Dancer

Everyone has a dancer within – that wants to come out and Play!

How can we IGNITE that special energy inside to evoke our free-flowing groove?

How can we CONNECT with the Highest Expression of ourselves in a Conscious Clubbing atmosphere?

How can we use movement to get HIGH?

How can we open our being to the point where we naturally express from the depths of our true self… AND to the ab-SOUL-ute fullest ???

These are questions I ask myself before choreographing a dance warm-up or a yoga dance class.

In a moment, I’ll share with you the aspects I believe to be key in creating an AWESOME warm-up ~ creating the gateway to Unleash Your Most Powerful Authentic Dancer!

But first… think about how good it feels to dance completely freely…

Now close your eyes and imagine yourself dancing…

  • What do you hear? Notice if there’s music. Perhaps you hear your own breath.  
  • What are you wearing?
  • What is the expression on your face? Notice all the subtle details.
  • How is your heart beating?
  • How is your body moving?
  • How does it feel to be in this place of absolute freedom?
  • Feel it in your heart… feel the way dance uplifts you.   
  • Notice how imagining yourself dancing can change your state of being.
  • Remain in this deliciousness as long as you’d like.

This visualization is a great way to uplift your mood…

              … and to motivate yourself to DANCE MORE!

Simply by envisioning yourself moving and noticing all the details,
you can access that same state of being you embody while dancing.
It’s a great way to connect with a higher state at any time!
(and it gets easier and more profound with practice)

And of course, the more often you actually get out on the dance floor –
the easier it is to access your inner liberated dancer both physically and mentally!

This Visualization technique is one (of many) methods I use to keep my vibes HIGH!

You too can access your dancing “HIGH” as often as you like 🙂

~ NOTE: This Visualization can also be used to get into meditation, particularly when you desire access to the highest expression of yourself.

Back to what I promised ~
key aspects to creating a warm-up that Ignites your most Powerful Dancer

In all movement classes I consider ~ What is the goal? What is the purpose for the warm-up…?

When thinking about a dance warm-up, do you mostly think about the physical body?
Though the physical aspect is important, I believe it’s optimal when the warm-up Ignites Your Inner Dancer on Fire! So, It’s a spiritual thang too 🙂

When the overarching purpose is to warm up the mind, body and spirit for the most AMAZING dance experience possible (like a Groove Temple Live experience), these are the things I consider:

  • CONNECTION with our Heart & Soul is key
  • LETTING GO of self-judgment LIBERATES our being
  • The Muscular Communication System must be ACTIVATED
  • The physical body needs to be STRETCHED
  • The joints want to be LUBRICATED and LOOSENED
  • We want to IGNITE the CHI to flow FREELY thru our bodies
  • The right MUSIC can take us DEEPER and HIGHER
  • It’s pivotal to open all the nadis (energy channels) in our bodies
  • It’s crucial to bring the SHAKTI energy (creative energy of the universe) into the body
  • Exploring new pathways of movement creates an EXPANSIVE Energy that can positively affect many areas of our life, including increasing our library of movement.
  • Nurturing our Inner dancer, allures it to come out and PLAY freely!
  • It’s important to HAVE FUN!

Listen to the voice inside you
There is a dancer within you that must be free to PLAY!
Restricting this Dancer only creates constriction in your being and in your life.
Freeing your inner dancer is an open and EXPANSIVE Energy
Freeing your Inner Dancer feeds your soul
Freeing your inner dancer helps you live on a higher vibration

UNLEASH your most Powerful Authentic Dancer!


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When you make dance a regular practice …
… Notice the magic you create in your life
… Notice the way you shift into harmony when your inner dancer is allowed to shine
… Notice how confident you are
… Just Notice

I am an advocate for dancing daily…
It’s an act of Self-Love and Honoring yourself as a Spiritual Being!

I am very inspired to spread the DANCE… It is truly MEDICINE for the Soul.
I hope that you will see the VISION and inspire someone else to discover the dancer within them.

Groove Namaste,

PS. I’d love to hear your comments below. Let’s get a conversation going so we can all inspire each other to dance even more!

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