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The Smart and Sexy way to get your Groove ON !!!

There’s a New Trend in Town …

Where PASSION is the Fashion … and INTENTION gets the ATTENTION!

FUN, Social, Freestyle/Freeform Dancing has found a new home.

Instead of going to Clubs to get your groove on.

You can Dance in a much Healthier, Conscious, Open Space…

… and still get the benefit of High Quality Club Sound and skilled DJs.   

A Conscious Clubbing Culture has been brewing underground across the world.   

In LA, it is emerging slowly with the help of some key individuals who are passionate about providing a healthy alternative to the nightclub environment.  

We spoke with LA’s top Conscious Dance Event owners to discover what inspires them to create the space for Conscious Dancing and what advice they may have for YOU if you haven’t stepped, twirled or leaped onto a Conscious Dance floor yet.



Co-founders of Ecstatic Dance LA, Robin Parrish and Atasiea Kenneth Ferguson began offering their event in 2014. They were both involved in dance, yoga and various movement modalities during college where they met in London.  Post College they went their separate  ways dabbling in various conscious events.  

Robin distinctly remembered a shift that took place for him,

“It was very liberating when I shifted from dancing to get the moves ‘right’, or feeling unfulfilled dancing at bars and clubs … to a whole new world of movement, and discovering my own dance that simply feels good and satisfying to me regardless of what it might look like.”   

Atasiea spent time dancing in Oakland, at Ecstatic Dance Oakland, and was inspired to bring a similar offering to LA.  Around the same time, Robin was inspired by music festivals that had an atmosphere of freedom and conscious expression and an emphasis on wellness, community and creating a better world together.  

“I have a passion for electronic dance music (EDM). This style of music can be incredibly invigorating, varied, dynamic, and exhilarating to dance to, but rarely found at daytime and substance-free events. The concept of a festival inspired event, with the best EDM journeys around, in a clear-headed environment, with like-minded individuals who want to dance, celebrate, grow and bring about their best to the world…now that’s exactly where I want to be!!”   

The timing was right ~ and they joined forces to create the beautiful offering

Their advice to newcomers to the conscious dance floor:  

“Simply show up and be open to try something new. It is your opportunity to move in a space free from judgement, free from needing to be anything but what you are in that moment.  Give yourself the gift to simply BE and allow your movement to unfold from there. If you’re forcing movement, don’t do it, just stand, sit, lie, be there, until something authentic stirs in you…and then move that, beyond words, beyond thought, simply move the deepest and most true version of yourself and revel in the dance. If not now, when?”




Michelle LeMay and Luis Rosario actually met thru Michelle’s desire to produce a Conscious Dance event when Luis’s technical skillz came in handy.  Turns out he had more than technical skillz and 7 years later they’re still together producing Groove Temple Live ~ The Healthy Dance Club, as well as, bringing the Health and Wellness to Music Festivals.     They both have backgrounds in Dance, DJ’ing and sticking with their own passions. They are devoted to Inspiring others to fully self express, be creative, do what they’re passionate about, and live their purpose.

“Our dream is to break down the barriers in the dance industry and experience Oneness in the Dance Community.  Feel a true sense of family – groove brothers and sisters everywhere who unite thru dance … absent of competition, jealousy and judgment.  Full of Love, Connection and Support!  I cherish the connection I have with my friends that I spend time with on the dance floor.  It is a bond like no other … it is our spirits playing with one another.  Activating our highest expression of our true self.  When we dance together, we automatically move into harmony with one another.”

Their advice to newcomers to the conscious dance floor:  

“Dance will always change your state of being for the better.  When you go to a Conscious Dance event, you’re most likely going to uplevel your state of being or your vibration a HUGE amount because you’re dancing in a completely safe, non-judgmental space.  

There is something so freeing about that – it feels amazing.  And that’s just one of the many benefits you get from this type of dancing.  You’ll never understand it until you try it.  

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!  

Get yourself to a Conscious Dance Event as soon as possible.  

The only thing you’ll regret is that you didn’t get started sooner!”


Jay Brave has been throwing high vibration events in Los Angeles for over 10 years.  Luminous Movement, a Conscious Club Event at Zanzibar has been hosting amazing musicians, artists, and DJs for the past 5 years.

”My events always have a theme to raise consciousnesses. From the musical acts I choose, to the massage therapist, to the visionary painters, to the eco-vendors, and also having kombucha at the bar. All those elements to to attract people who resonate with those offerings.”


“My own personal transformation inspired me to share that with the masses. As I began to grow spiritually, just like watching a good movie, one wants to tell everyone about it. My spiritual evolution coincided with my artistic expansion as well. It went hand in hand to throw events, perform at them, and make the entire experience as positive as possible. As a member of the Hip Hop crew the Luminaries, we always aspire to bring the light in all ways.”

His advice to newcomers to the conscious dance floor:  

“Enjoy the moment, accept who you are, and love yourself and others.”  



Heidi Hong and Ryan Blackstock, co-founders of Xanadu Adventures actually both have backgrounds in being camp counselors at “summer camps”.  It’s quite beautiful and obvious they really enjoy bringing the inner child out in adults as they create adult outdoor adventures.


“Our Xanadu mission is to inspire wellness, education & green living so each event integrates these elements of consciousness in order to create the optimal life experience.”

They went on to say, “We were looking for social experiences that were more meaningful that took people outside the box exploring new ideas, places, people, and really getting grounded in the present moment to appreciate all the beauty of the great outdoors.”

Their advice to newcomers to the conscious dance floor:  

“It may be super duper awkward at first, but life is all about getting outside of your comfort zone! Once you move past that seemingly awkward transition and allow yourself to drop deeply in the moment, and feel comfortable in your own sexy skin, the feeling is incredible. The natural euphoria your body creates can be more rewarding than any external substance can do for you!”



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