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At Last – The Simple Secret To Hacking Into Your Heart Is Revealed

Have you been Hacking into your Heart lately?

You may be wondering … What does it mean to Hack Into your Heart?

To TAP IN … To Focus Inward …

… To CONNECT and develop a RELATIONSHIP with your HEART.

In a previous article: The Sooner You Develop A Relationship With Your Heart The Better, I talk about the significance of tapping into the Unlimited Resource within you … the core of you being … your Heart.

Below are 3 easy ways to TAP IN and reap the benefits of connecting with your Heart.

Create the habit of TAPPING IN every single day and watch the positive effects on your life. There are many ways to incorporate this into your day – everyday. I suggest doing at least one of the following every single day.

  1. TAP IN and CONNECT: Bring all your focus inward and TAP INTO your Heart, without distraction, for a minimum of 1 minute. Closing your eyes will help you get deeper. If you have the time and you want to go for longer – go for it. Some of you may want to do your first TAP IN when you wake up in the morning – a great way to create the habit.  The more you do it – the more CONNECTED you will feel.  

Do this at least 3 times a day.  

  1. HEART MEDITATION: Meditate with the intention to connect with your heart space. Sit or lie down with a straight spine. Relax every part of your body. Bring your awareness to your breath and deepen and slow down each inhale and exhale. Your Heart is nestled between your lungs. Follow your inhale right into your heart. Keep your awareness in your heart and continue to connect in deeper and deeper. Set an alarm if you’d like. I suggest meditating for at least 15 – 20 minutes at a time.
  1. RAISE YOUR VIBES: Whenever you’re under stress or you feel tension mounting in your body – TAP IN and CONNECT. (This takes a certain level of awareness. If you do not already have this sensitivity, you may want to begin by getting in the habit of observing your state of being.) Instead of allowing your stressed mind to possibly make a bad decision, this is a great way to change the direction of your reactive mind and emotions, and prevent undesirable outcomes while opening the space for a better, brighter results.

Here are 3 simple steps to more desirable results:

  • Breathe deeply and deliberately into your heart space as your bring all of your attention into your heart… (Preferably with eyes closed) Connect as deep as you possibly can. Do this for at least 1 minute or as long as you need to calm your state of being.
  • Once your state of being feels calm – think of something that always makes you happy. (This is a preplanned thought that you can use on a regular basis … create one and use when needed) Get that feeling of being calm and happy. (This does not have to be an elated feeling- just a comfortable good feeling from the heart)
  • Ask your heart what is the best resolution to the issue at hand. Now that you are in a more calm and happy state of being, you are swimming in the realm of higher possibilities and will most likely attract an answer on a higher plane.

Of course, as with everything, this only works if you do it.  With practice you will deepen your relationship with your Heart. I would love to know how you’re doing with this! Share your comments below … let’s help each other live happier, healthier, more successful lives!!!





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