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Listen and Love Music

I Love music – and it is a very important part of my life! I believe music has a very profound effect on our state of being, and different types of music can influence your mood in a variety of ways.  Music can be very uplifting and can actually make you feel more energetic, even when you’re feeling sluggish.  Like this mix by Luis Rosario, that you can play or download right here…[djmixlist postid=”14558″]

Many people use uplifting music to get their bodies moving into a workout, or to motivate to clean the house or to inspire your body into a dance. Some music will help to put you in a relaxed state – great for when you’re feeling stress or anxiety. You can also use specific music to get more focused, or to bring out your creativity. I find that I like listening to my Yoga mixes when I’m writing – it seems to get my creative juices flowing. There are even songs that can bring up emotions and make you cry – which can be cleansing and therapeutic. Then their is intelligent listening music, which can actually make you smarter. Some of the deeper  tracks in the electronic music genre have layers and layers of sound, which stimulates the brain to dig for the sounds. An inexperienced listener may only hear the kick and the melody, and/or the sounds that are more obvious and upfront. The more experienced you are at listening to electronic music, the more your ear becomes trained to hear the sounds that are buried deeper inside the track. Listening to deep electronic music will have a positive affect on your brain over time.

For our purpose this month, I suggest you listen to music that has a positive affect on your being. Listen to music that you love. Everyone has there own taste – so go with something that moves you. It can be the same song everyday or something different each day …. Just as long as it’s something you enjoy! You can choose to lay back and let the music soothe you, or get up and dance or sing. You can use the music to shift your energy or mood. If you need to chillax – you may want to listen to softer music that has a more relaxing affect on you. On those days that you need a lift in energy – choose something that has an energizing effect on you. I know some people who like to listen to the same song every morning because it pumps them up for the day! Think of all the ways music can improve your life !!!

Happy Listening!  Namaste!


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