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How to Powerfully Awaken Your Intuition and Activate Your Third Eye

I know why you’re here…

You want to strengthen your intuition – and want some quick (and FUN) ways to do it!

You want to activate your third eye for these amazing reasons:

  • improve memory
  • strengthen learning abilities
  • ignite creativity
  • enhance psychic abilities
  • live on purpose
  • increase clarity on your soul’s purpose
  • experience BLISS

Intuition is that indescribable feeling or knowingness you get without conscious reasoning. Some call it a “gut feeling” or “sixth sense.”

Learn about an awesome light technology that can take you to deep meditation and activate your third eye in as little as a few minutes. Here’s the article.

In a moment, you’ll be given 3 awesome tools for your Third Eye Activation pleasure!

First, let’s get into what the “third eye” actually is…

Your third eye (aka Ajna Energy Center), is your pineal gland, located between your eyebrows in the middle of your cranium. It’s shaped like a pine cone and its structure is similar to your eyeballs in the fact that it actually has a lens, cornea and retina.

Scientifically, this gland is responsible for the release of melatonin, and philosophically, it serves a much higher purpose. Many different religious and philosophical teachings believe the third eye to be the inner eye or the gate that leads within to inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness.

The third eye is a bridge into your subconscious and assists you in knowing your true self. Your third eye also helps you stay on purpose and increases clarity about your life/soul purpose.

Also referred to as the “Eye of the Soul,” the third eye sees beyond the physical and acts in a 6th sense or psychic way.

You come into this world with your third eye fully open … open to all the wonders of the universe … open to all possibilities … open for divine guidance … and connected to your subconscious mind.

Unfortunately, if you’re like most people, as you grew up, life experiences negatively affected your openness. Slowly over time thru dealing with layers of illusions, your third eye shrinks. Thru different stages of your life, people have infused you with doubt and disbelief, causing your third eye to become less and less powerful.

Through drinking water and toothpaste, fluoride accumulates on the pineal gland more than any other place in the body. The calcification wreaks havoc on its functionality. Calcification, hardening and atrophy of the third eye seems to be a natural progression for many of us, but it doesn’t have to be.

You CAN re-open and activate your third eye, enhancing your intuition, inner vision and inner guidance. You already use your third eye to varying degrees unconsciously, and by regularly focusing into it, bringing energy into that area, you can exponentially increase its potential and power.

By activating your third eye you can improve your learning abilities and memory, awaken your psychic healing abilities, open the doorway to higher consciousness and enhance your creativity!!!

So! Now that you know you CAN reignite the powers of your third eye, you may be wondering HOW…?

Remember the awesome tools I mentioned earlier? Here they are!

First up is a 10-minute Third Eye Activation Meditation you can listen to! [album postid=”14566″ columns=”3″]

The music in this meditation is performed in the specific tone of the Ajna Energy Center. It can be used daily to increase your inner vision, intuition and awareness of divine guidance.

Here are more practices to help you awaken more and more towards your highest potential!

  1. Sun Exposure Expose yourself to approximately 20 minutes of sunshine at a time (without a hat!). This will help loosen up a calcified pineal gland, which is important since the pineal gland affects a lot of enzyme and endocrine activity, including the production of melatonin, which helps you engage in restful sleep.
  2. Third Eye Meditation (aka Trataka Third Eye Meditation) focuses your awareness on your third eye and helps you instantly and automatically attain a meditative state. (I’ll tell you how to do this in a moment.)
  3. Incorporate Third Eye Manifestation Focus into your daily thoughts. (Details below) This works better in conjunction with one of the third eye meditations above because you will become stronger and more proficient with practice.

Third Eye Meditation (aka Trataka Third Eye Meditation)

  1. Sit with your back straight. (If it is more comfortable for you to sit in a chair with your back supported – do that.)
  2. Close your eyes and inhale deeply, filling your lungs with fresh air. Pause and hold your breath for a few seconds then exhale slowly. Repeat three times.
  3. Keeping your eyes closed, bring all of your attention towards your Ajna Energy Center (the 6th Chakra at the center of your forehead) and remain focused on this point while counting to 100. (You are looking upward and inward with your eyelids shut.)
  4. Continue to focus into the third eye for 10 more minutes. Feel the connection to your third eye and imagine it slowly opening up. (Watering your third eye with your attention, nourishes your psychic powers.)
  5. Slowly allow your eyes to come back to their normal position as you breathe deeply for 3-5 minutes. Feel your eyes beginning to relax. Rest your eyes for a few moments as they regain their normal movement.
  6. Gently open your eyes. Relax for a minute and enjoy your calm state of mind.


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 Third Eye Manifestation Focus

Think about something you want to manifest. It doesn’t matter how big or small it is.
As you think about this desire, focus your attention through your third eye.
You may find it easier to close your eyes as you do this. Do this as often as you’d like. The more often you focus your attention on creating what you want through your third eye, the greater the chance of manifestation.

~ ~ ~

I invite you to practice the third eye meditation and third eye focus everyday. These resources are here for you 🙂 Many people notice an increase in their intuition or psychic powers after practicing these techniques regularly.

I’d LOVE to hear from you! Let me know your experience with these practices by leaving a comment below!

Here’s to awakening your portal to higher consciousness and receiving tranquility and bliss along the way!!!

Groove Namaste,

PS – If you’re curious about how to get deeper in meditation with less effort and in less time, this is a great article to check out 🙂



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