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How Thousands of People Reach Deep Meditation in Minutes

1000’s experiencing deep meditation in minutes! Amazing, right??

You’re ready to take your meditation to the next level.

…to expand your mind even more.

…to connect even deeper.

How do I know this? Because you’re reading this right now!

You’re aware that in order to live your most peaceful and centered life, it’s key to holistically nurture your mind, body, and spirit.

I actually wasn’t sure if it was possible for me to tap in that quickly – until I experienced super deep meditation (QUICKLY) first-hand!

What if I told you that there is a powerful modality that enhances your meditation practice (and total health and well-being) in as quickly as a few minutes AND is easy and enjoyable? Would you be curious to hear more about it?

Well, if you’re like most people and want to improve your health and vitality…

You’re in the right place!

Introducing… PandoraStar Light Therapy

In a moment, you’ll learn what a PandoraStar is and how experiencing a light session can boost your meditation and ultimately your life. Before we get into that, allow me to introduce Alex Young, who I interviewed specifically about this topic. He uses this potent method and technology to create a “journey back to balance and vital energy.”

Working alongside and inspired by his father, Dr. Robert O Young (the world-renowned leading microbiologist in cellular health and pioneer of “New Biology” and “pH Miracle Living”), Alex has dedicated his life to the quest for optimum health. He guides people to achieve ultimate health through his mastery of multiple disciplines. His life’s mission is to continue spreading ultimate love and light throughout humanity and is very passionate about the PandoraStar being an integral part in this vision.

So, by now you’re probably asking: What’s a PandoraStar?

It’s a deep trance meditation lamp that uses flickering lights specially designed to guide your brain to experience a range of healthful states of brainwave activity. Stimulating new wave patterns can heal your body, balance your emotions, train your brain, and expand your mind.

PandoraStarPandoraStar Benefits:

  • relaxation                  
  • well-being
  • learning
  • deep meditation
  • lucid dreaming
  • energy work
  • cognitive enhancement
  • creative visualization
  • stress management
  • anxiety reduction
  • depression management
  • and so much more…

“The experiences under the lights are limitless in creation and when using these lamps, they are a gateway to opening up and activating all passions for the complete expression from an individual’s heart.”

~Alex Young

**Super cool fact!** The PandoraStar stimulates temporary brain wave patterns that usually only appear after several years of meditation practice. Even for people new to meditation, their first light therapy experience can bring them to deep relaxation and focus.

Click here for the scientific and technical information. 

Angelica: Are you able to customize journeys based off your clients’ intentions? For example, if someone wants to tap into their intuition even deeper, does it have its own specific setting?

Alex: Yes… I can help guide the client’s brainwaves to certain frequencies through the light to achieve a mental state… Simply by guiding someone out of the polarity mind and creating a bridge to the heart space we can heighten intuition. We could run a program that specifically targets the Delta frequencies range to entrain states of lucid dreaming, increased immune functions, self-hypnosis, increased awareness of the physical world and access to unconscious information.

A light therapy experience can be even more powerful when paired with intention and guided meditation. Here’s a guided meditation for your Third Eye activating enjoyment.

Angelica: What inspired you to create these Light Journeys? How has it influenced your life?

Alex: Inspiration comes in everyday and continues before and after my introduction to the PS lamps. I have felt a true connection to this lamp…as we are re-aligning people to their true identity/source. The PS has accelerated the development of my god given skills at levels that I was not aware of until now… I was able to use this light technology to supercharge my deep-seeded passions of mind and heart, and move into these places on deeper levels – helping not only myself to see how blessed I am, but to also let the love and connection pipe from soul source and translate into my healing work.

We’re extremely excited to have Alex with us at the next Groove Temple Live event on Saturday, July 9th! He’ll be facilitating solo PandoraStar light sessions, as well as a group session with guided meditation to round out the experience.

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At Groove Temple Live, my light session with Alex was absolutely out-of-this-world amazing. I was filled with such wonder, elation, and gratitude. I felt as light as the clouds, yet centered and grounded. I highly recommend it!

He extends his expertise globally through classes and retreats. You can learn more about Alex here.
Alex’s contact info:

I encourage you to experience a PandoraStar light session at least once in your life. When you do, I’d love to hear about your experience!

Radiant Love & Light,


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