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SOLID PROOF: Dance is Medicine

PhD Professor of Economics Says No to Parkinson’s Disease thro…When doctors and conventional treatments told him no, dance told him yes. Watch how this Parkinson’s Disease patient is changing the world of PD treatment, through dance. #DuDance and inspire the world.

You can vote for Rafi’s video to be featured at the World Parkinson Congress here:

Let’s show the world the true #PowerOfDance!

Posted by DuDance on Wednesday, July 13, 2016


This video brought tears to my eyes …

I have always believed in the magical healing powers of dance, but I had never heard a story like this before.

Many of us have had times in our lives where dance lifted us out of a state of depression or mentally difficult times.  The mental benefits of dance are a No Brainer (pun intended … lol)

Considering that Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a chronic and progressive movement disorder, meaning that symptoms continue and worsen over time… it’s AMAZING to know that DANCE has come to the rescue for this gentleman and now for others who are following his lead.  

When I see a story like this, I wonder why people make up excuses for not dancing…..???

Because I’m always on a mission to spread the DANCE LOVE , I talk to people about dancing quite a lot!  Many tell me they feel much better when they’re dancing, yet when I check in to see if they’ve danced lately – oftentimes the answer is NO.  Huh ? What ? Why?

I hope this motivates you to …

Get ON the DANCE FLOOR more often!!!

You will ALWAYS BE HAPPY you did!!!

Groove Namaste!


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