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How Conscious Dance Benefits Every Aspect of Your Being

Did you know that moving your body is the FASTEST way to change your mental and emotional state?

This therapeutic form of movement, also known as dance therapy, connects your Mind, Body and Soul through its powerful healing qualities.

Conscious Dance is a MOVEMENT MEDITATION. It brings you back to a place of balance, peace and harmony, as stress and anxiety melts away. If you are familiar with the versatile benefits of meditation, you will get it right away. Conscious Dance is similar to meditation in the aspect that the benefits are completely unique to each individual and it basically gives you what you need in the moment.

Conscious Dance is MOVEMENT with INTENTION. In a Conscious Dance class, the leader often sets an intention for the group and/or guides you to set your own. Either way, setting an intention allows you to reap the benefits you’re looking to gain through your dance experience. Due to its free-form nature, you can really get creative and tailor it to your own needs.

People use Conscious Dance for a large variety of reasons. If you want to know more about what Conscious Dance is, this article (Your Ego doesn’t want you to Discover Conscious Dance … Your Spirit Does!) paints a great picture.

In addition to the mental, emotional and spiritual benefits, Conscious Dance has several physical benefits.

Conscious Dance can be GREAT EXERCISE. Approaching it as a cardiovascular workout can help improve your endurance. This means you’re burning body fat for energy and receiving the benefits of doing cardio, such as:

  • strengthen your heart and circulatory system
  • increase your oxygen carrying capacity in your lungs
  • pump more oxygen throughout your entire body
  • and SO MUCH MORE!

You CREATE YOUR OWN MOVEMENT in Conscious Dance and work whichever muscles you choose! Since dance is multi-directional, you can really work a lot of different muscles in your body. You can get a great leg and booty workout, improving the strength and shape of your legs and buttocks. You can also intentionally work your core – your abs, waist and back. While you’re dancing, the more you use your core, the better your balance and agility becomes. This brings up another physical benefit…

Conscious Dance can IMPROVE YOUR COORDINATION. The key here is to continually explore outside your own box of movement. As you get out of your box physically, it also helps you get out of your box mentally.

Your mind and body are connected. One of the beautiful qualities of dancing is that the physical almost always spins into mental bennies.

The MENTAL BENEFITS of Conscious Dance are endless! This really becomes a question of how creative you get with your intentions.


Conscious Dance STIMULATES CREATIVITY! It moves energy through your body, clears blocks and opens the pathways for Shakti energy (the creative energy of the Universe) to flow through you.

Conscious Dance is great for MENTAL CLARITY. It frees your body of stress, tension, anxiety and clears stuck energy in your system. Whenever I need a solution to a problem, or want to get the creative juices flowing to write an article or to work on a book, a Conscious Dance always ignites my creative juices and the words or solutions just flow like water. Even if I just get up and dance to 1 song.

It’s worth it!

Conscious Dance can TRANSFORM YOUR STATE OF BEING EMOTIONALLY AND SPIRITUALLY. This liberating expression can take you from a depressed state to a joyful state, from anger to gratitude, from feeling intimidated to feeling confident.

Endorphins, the happy hormones, that are released when you’ve been dancing for a while, play an important role in this phenomena. I also believe this is due to the self-expressive and expansive aspects of the experience.

Paripurna, the Sanskrit word for self-expression, is extremely important in the grand scheme of Mind-Body-Spirit connection. Letting go of your ego’s control and turning on the highest expression of yourself is healing and nourishing to your soul!

Each time you dance, you can reach a little bit deeper, allowing yourself to become more and more aware of your unique magnificence. This confidence from knowing yourself on a deeper level can positively affect every area of your life, including the way you interact with other dancers on the dance floor.

The more experienced you become, the more you can shift into another dimension through dancing ~ free of stress, worries, doubts or fears.

CONNECT WITH YOUR INNER BLISS! Conscious Dance is a great platform to rise above ANYTHING not serving your highest good. It is truly a blessing to have this tool of Conscious Dance to alter your reality into what you desire.

You can do Conscious Dance for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. Many forms of dance have a shelf life because you have to conform to particular movements that might not be as easy as you age. For example, you’re most likely not doing ballet in your 50’s or 60’s ~ too hard on the body!

Conscious Dance follows you through the different stages of your life as you continue discovering indigenous and natural movements during each phase of your evolution.  Your body’s intuition NATURALLY moves you in ways you need to move for Satwa ~ balance.

The more you learn to move instinctively, the more healing your dance becomes. Your movement reflects wherever you are on your life journey.  In my 20’s and 30’s, my body and soul loved moving in a hard core hip hop way.  Now in my 50’s, my body and soul enjoys more smooth free-flowing movements.

With all this talk about Conscious Dance and the awesome benefits, I bet you’re PUMPED and READY TO START DANCING!

Here’s a great music mix to get your DANCE ON 🙂

Enjoy the journey!  As you evolve ~ so does your dancing.



 Conscious Dance is the answer to keeping you on the dance floor FOREVER.

It is a visual representation of the evolution of your mind, body and soul.

Once a Dancer ~ Always a Dancer

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