Woman dancing at conscious clubbing event Groove Temple

Groove Temple™ Live is where the best of yoga, dance, music, mediation & ourselves converge. It’s where all judgement is left at the door and you enter a safe space. It’s where you connect with other individuals as you enter, knowing we all share a common intention… to Connect Ignite and Get High in a mindful way. It’s where your lucid dream to party, dance, socialize and to wake up the next day feeling amazing … joyful, is a reality. You are consciously choosing this path. Your intention in this moment is to begin breaking out of your box inspired by a seemless Underground Yoga Dance warm up sparking and igniting your inner dancer… to find your inner peace and explode outwardly at a moments notice… to dive deep in a movement meditation holding no bounds… to allow the sound and that dance music to move you. It’s your dance therapy.

Groove Temple™ Live is your intimate sanctuary to sweat it out through a sexy flow of guided meditation, yoga dance, ecstatic dance & sound healing with pumping dance music, live djs & percussionists. Its time to connect with your most powerful authentic self.