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19 Jul

Posted by: mlm | Conscious Clubbing, Partner Dancing, Self Improvement

SOLID PROOF: Dance is Medicine

PhD Professor of Economics Says No to Parkinson’s Disease thro…When doctors and conventional treatments told him no, dance told him yes. Watch how this Parkinson’s Disease patient is changing the world of PD treatment, through dance. #DuDance and inspire the world. You can vote for Rafi’s video to be featured at the World Parkinson Congress […]

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24 Jan

Posted by: mlm | Conscious Living, Self Improvement

Stretch at least a little bit everyday

Stretching is your body breathing!  It makes you feel good because it opens lines of communication within the body and creates more space for everything to work more efficiently. Stretching is a key component to Healthy Living and Longevity! Whether you’re a hard core athlete, dancer, housewife or couch potato – you need to stretch! […]

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