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25 Feb

Posted by: mlm | Conscious Living

Practice Ahimsa

Practice Ahimsa (The Yama for non-violence and embracing kindness, friendliness and thoughtful consideration) everyday for 28 days to open yourself up to a more peaceful, loving and kind lifestyle. Ahimsa meaning and/or the depth of your practice is different for everyone. Ahimsa literally means to not injure or be cruel to any person or anything […]

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02 Feb

Posted by: mlm | Conscious Clubbing, Conscious Living, Ecstatic Dance

Your Ego doesn’t want you to Discover Conscious Dance… your Spirit does!!!

Have you ever FULLY expressed yourself on the dance floor?  … without drugs or alcohol? Do you have any idea how that feels? In a moment, I’ll talk about how Conscious Dance EMPOWERS you to express yourself to the fullest! But first let’s talk about what Conscious Dance is… The word Conscious means to be fully aware […]

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24 Jan

Posted by: mlm | Conscious Living, Self Improvement

Stretch at least a little bit everyday

Stretching is your body breathing!  It makes you feel good because it opens lines of communication within the body and creates more space for everything to work more efficiently. Stretching is a key component to Healthy Living and Longevity! Whether you’re a hard core athlete, dancer, housewife or couch potato – you need to stretch! […]

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