Our Mission: To educate & inspire people towards healthy happy living, through the power of yoga, music, meditation, dance, fitness & inspiration!

Woman meditating at conscious clubbing event Groove Temple

Groove Temple™ is a healthy lifestyle movement that takes a creative approach to health & wellness. We deliver high quality events, programming & stage production through power of yoga, music, dance, meditation. We strive to create a safe haven where you can Connect, Ignite, & Get High. We are a collective of health experts, musicians & djs a like who are all on similar journeys to better ourselves. Our passion everyday is to help inspire and educate you to become healthier and happier in your lives.

Our events have purpose. We have years of experience developing a flow that incorporates Yoga, Music, Dance & Meditation into fun impactful experience designed to help reduce stress and create open channels so you can reach your highest potential. Groove Temple™ provides you with a healthy alternative where you can still dance your heart out while maintaining balance. We are the healthy dance club.


Surprise! Connection Is Easier than You Think!

You might be wondering how to connect deeper with yourself. You might have desires to connect with a conscious community of people who support your health and well-being…

Groove Temple – The Healthy Dance Club would love nothing more than to help you CONNECT with your heart, your higher self, and a beautiful community!

Imagine feeling a greater sense of expansion through deeply connecting with your heart.

Envision yourself being fully supported by a community of like-minded, like-hearted people.

Ignite And Energize Your Being …

You’re too clever to think that yoga alone is enough. You’re looking for an awesome community with yoga dance, dance, meditation, and high quality music.

You’re looking to feed your mind, body and soul with FUN, effective practices that energize your being and ignite your purpose!

You’ve come to the right place…  A place that can be a gateway to discovering your life purpose thru an enjoyable free flowing way.

At Groove Temple™ – The Healthy Dance Club, you receive everything you desire to live a passionate, fulfilling, energizing and purposeful life!

Get High Thru Healthy Partying …
Ready to Party Without the Hangover? You’re Not Alone!

Your ego may be telling you “you have to drink to have fun”, but have you ever been to a conscious dance event?

Club promoters may be telling you that “healthy partying” is not as fun, but have never been to a conscious dance event?

We have lot’s of FUN! We value having good conscious FUN!

We’re on top of all the hottest trends in music, yoga, and dance… and we set a few along the way.