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10 Simple Steps to Conscious Dancing Like a Pro

So you’re curious about Conscious Dance

Have you heard the term Dance Therapy?

Perhaps you enjoy dancing because of what it gives you…

Whether it’s an enjoyable feeling, a way to release and let go, a way to connect with others…whatever the reason may be…

How can you incorporate all of what you love about dance, into all aspects of your life more purposefully while having fun?

Check out these 10 easy steps to groove your way through personal evolution!

…there might even be a nice gift for you at the end just for reading this 😉

1. Search for classes to attend

The best way to learn about Conscious Dance is to attend classes or events. It’s helpful (and FUN!) to experience it before creating your own practice. To find a class or event in your area, here are some keywords/phrases you can search: Healthy Dance Club, Groove Temple Live, Ecstatic Dance, 5Rhythms, Underground Yoga Dance, Conscious Dance, Dance Therapy, Yoga Dance, Soul Dancing, Spirit Weaves, Fumbling Towards Ecstasy, Soul Motion, Daybreaker.

2. Choose comfy clothes you can move and groove in

Your wardrobe can make a difference in how you feel while you’re dancing at home or in a Conscious Dance class. Wear super comfy threads that make you feel good and allow you the freedom to move and groove however you like. Choose colors that positively affect your confidence and self-expression. If you want to evoke or strengthen a particular part of your personality, wear clothing that will support that. For example, if you want to bring out more of your femininity, wear apparel that makes you feel feminine.

3. Set an intention for your dance

Look at intention as the seed that gets planted before anything grows. Setting an intention for your dance gives you direction on the dance floor and as you continue practicing your intention-setting, you will strengthen your ability to live with purpose. Learning to cultivate intention benefits all areas of your life.

4. Move the energy of your Intention through your Conscious Dance experience

When you move, you move energy. Everything is energy – even your intention. Bring your intention to the forefront of your mind. As you move, dance, yoga and stretch, consciously generate momentum in the direction of your intention.

For example, let’s say your intention is to release and let go. As you stretch, you can breathe deeply and ask yourself, “How can I let go even more?” Asking questions like, “How can I move my body for ultimate release right now?” can completely change your body movement.

5. Warm up

It’s important to warm up your mind and body for your best dance experience possible. This is one area I will say a lot of Conscious Dance type classes are lacking in. Generally, the classes and events that include yoga have the best warm ups, although many that I have been to do not have a deep understanding of how to warm up the body for dancing. To learn great warm ups for Conscious Dancing, find a teacher who has both a good Yoga and good Dance background.

6. Let the music to move you

There are many things you can use to ignite your movement, and music is a great place to start. Let your body go… pulsing with the main kick or riding the waves of the melody. Do whatever feels right for you in the moment. Sometimes you’re moving rhythmically in a dance, other times you’re stretching, and sometimes your body sways dreamily as you allow your heart’s message to come through.

Explore your movements and GROOVE your body with this FREE music mix 🙂

7. Release all judgment of yourself and others

This is a key quality among Conscious Dance classes and events. Since Conscious Dance is about healing, transforming and elevating your being, it’s important to be in a safe space to do so. Judgment is a constrictive energy that can be felt and is unhealthy for all parties.

To continue growing, developing and unfolding into your most liberated Self, allow yourself to expand into self-acceptance – it’s dance therapy. This is a journey of letting go that will continue revealing more and more of your authentic expression and unique magnificence.

*Stay tuned for an upcoming article on dance floor etiquette.

8. Relax your mind and be present in your dance

Let go of ruminating thoughts and anything having to do with the past or future. Allow exterior distractions to dissolve. Relaxing your mind creates the meditative aspect of Conscious Dancing. When you reach the point of feeling as though you are suspended in time, where only the present moment exists ~ you are in Conscious Dance heaven.

9. Listen

In your Conscious Dance journey, intuitive thoughts may cross your mind. When you are in a higher vibrational space from dancing, stretching and meditating, your body and mind will be more open to receiving divine guidance.


This is your intuition.

Let those messages flow through you.

Take note and ask questions if you desire to inquire (ask your heart, your third eye, your higher power, god, the light, or wherever you get your guidance from).

Here’s a cool meditation for your entertainment and third-eye activating pleasure!

[album postid=”14566″ columns=”3″]

10. Cool Down

The cool down is essential for rebalancing your mind and especially your body after all the movement you do in a Conscious Dance experience. This is another area that I feel could use more love in the Conscious Dance scene.

Your muscles are contracting throughout your dance experience so the body needs to be stretched after all that movement to prevent getting tight muscles and locked up joints.

Stretching is the key to longevity in your Conscious Dance Experience (and life). Use your intuition and stretch your body at the end of your Conscious Dance flow.

Create the right conditions for your longevity!  Learn more about stretching in our blog STRETCH AT LEAST A LITTLE BIT EVERYDAY 

You may also need to ground yourself after flying through the dance, as some of you will get pretty high. A nice, still meditation grounding down into the earth is a great way to reconnect with your physical foundation.

This Blog is intended to inspire you to try or continue Conscious Dancing. The depth in which you participate in classes and/or your own practice is up to you.

I encourage you to give it some time and take classes or programs that give you tools to deepen your dance therapy practice. Programs such as Underground Yoga™ Dance, 5Rhythms and Dancing Freedom will inspire your dancer to evolve and shine through you.

Because you’re still reading, it’s safe to say that you’re interested in Conscious Dance 😉 I’m offering a special value code for my event Groove Temple Live – The Healthy Club.

You can think of it as a thank you gift for reading this all the way through! See you on the dance floor!

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Happy Dancing!


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